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Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup via Re.rockspace.local

In order to stay connected to the internet in all the parts of the home, set up Rockspace extender by accessing re.rockspace.local. Doing Rockspace WiFi extender setup is pretty easy. Below, we have talked all about how the process can be executed in a hassle-free manner.

Re.rockspace.local WiFi Extender

How to Setup Rockspace WiFi Extender Using Web Interface?

In this method, you need to first connect to Rockspace_ext. The following steps have shed light on how to perform Rockspace WiFi extender setup via web interface:

Re.rockspace.local WiFi Extender Setup via Manual Method
  • Begin Rockspace extender setup by placing it close to the host router.
  • Locate a wall socket and plug the extender into it.
  • Press the power button. Soon, your extender will turn on.
  • Get hold of an Ethernet cable and connect your extender and router.
  • Ensure that your computer is connected to extender's SSID Rockspace_ext.
  • Open an internet browser. For example, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, etc.
  • In the URL field of the browser, type
  • Press the Enter key.
  • Soon the Rockspace extender setup page will come into view.
  • If the extender setup page does not not open the URL field of the browser, use
  • Assign the admin password on the window. Click Next.
  • Select the network that you wish to extend.
  • Enter the WiFI password and click Connect.

After you are done following the on-screen instructions on the Rockspace extender setup wizard, you will finish the Rockspace extender setup process. The web interface method is also known as Rockspace WiFi extender manual setup process. You can now relocate your extender to a new location where you want to get connected to its WiFi via its SSID Rockspace_ext. Eliminate WiFi dead spots conveniently now. we hope you are now aware of how to setup Rockspace WiFi extender.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup via WPS Method

In case the aforementioned Rockspace WiFi extender set up seemed a little tough for you to execute, then you should opt for this one, i.e. the WPS Method. In this method, all you are required to do is, press a button. There is no need to be connected to its SSID Rockspace_ext.

Need more details? Well then, without wasting any more time, read on:

  • Keep your extender near the host router as you did in the first method.
  • After that, power up the extender.
  • Look for the WPS button located on the extender.
  • Whenever you find it, carefully press it.
  • Thereafter, locate the same button on the host router and press it. But do this step within two minutes of the previous step.

Now you know how to setup Rockspace WiFi extender using the WPS button. You can now change the location of your extender and make sure that you are not placing it near interference causing factors.

Once the setup is done, you can begin enjoying its network. We suggest you customize its settings as per your requirements. For that, you need to log in to its web interface on a PC that is connected to Rockspace_ext. The login instructions for the Rockspace extender are given ahead.

Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup via WPS Method

Rockspace WiFi Extender Login

The previous section talked about how to set up Rockspace WiFi extender. After performing Rockspace WiFi extender setup, the next step is to tweak the settings of your device. And that can only be done if you are performing http re rockspace local login.

Re.rockspace.local WiFi Extender Login

This section will teach you how Rockspace WiFi extender login process can be carried on:

  • Switch on your computer or laptop.
  • Make sure that it is connected to extender's WiFi.
  • You need to connect to its WiFi name Rockspace_Ext.
  • Open up any browser.
  • In the URL field of your browser, enter re.rockspace.local the default extender URL.
  • In the blink of an eye, the login page will appear.
  • Type the admin login password in the password field.
  • Click on the Log In button.

Did the Rockspace WiFi extender set up wizard or the admin dashboard appear? Well then, this indicates that you have achieved Rockspace WiFi extender login success.

Re.rockspace.local Not Working?

There can be plenty of reasons behind the re.rockspace.local not working issue. Some of them have been highlighted by us right here:

  • You have made the mistake of putting the wrong web address to use.
  • There are typing errors in the URL entree.
  • The web address has been inserted in the search bar.
  • You are not connected to extender SSID Rockspace_ext.
  • Your extender is not receiving a proper power supply.
  • If you have used an Ethernet cable, it is not free of damages.
  • The software of your system is not up-to-date.
  • Whatever web browser you are using, it is not running on its latest version.
  • The firmware of your extender is outdated.
  • WiFi interference can also cause prevent the default URL from working properly.
Rock Space WiFi Extender

The list of reasons is really long. But, if you carefully follow the troubleshooting hacks given in the next section, there is nothing that can stop you from resolving it.

Troubleshoot Re.rockspace.local Not Working Issue

1. Use Right Web Address

As mentioned above under the list of reasons, the number one factor contributing to the issue you are facing is the usage of an incorrect web address. Thus, enter the correct address to access the Rockspace WiFi extender set up wizard.

See to it that you are not doing so using the search bar. Put the address bar to use instead. Also, keep typing errors at bay and take a look at the entrée before pressing Enter.

2. Update Internet Browser

Perhaps, you forgot to update your internet browser before using it to access the http re rockspace local page. Therefore, this calls for you to update your existing web browser.

Apart from updating your web browser, you need to do one more thing to fix the issue, i.e. freeing your browser from cache and cookies.

3. Ensure Proper Power Supply

It is recommended that you check the power socket that is supplying electricity to your extender. If you find out that it is damaged from some point and needs to get fixed, do the needful.

4. Use a Different Connection Source

Sometimes, no matter how much damage-free Ethernet cable you use to connect your devices, facing issues is pretty evitable.

Therefore, to avoid facing issues in the future because of the same reason, use a wireless source to establish a connection between your networking devices.

5. Keep WiFi Interference Away

Bluetooth speakers, cordless phones, microwave ovens, treadmills, televisions, washing machines, baby monitors, and refrigerators are all known as smart home appliances. They have the ability to mess with the signals of your extender.

In other words, they can interrupt or block the WiFi signals of your device. Therefore, you are required to get rid of WiFi interference to fix the issue so that you can receive good signals from your extender using Rockspace_ext. You can do this by changing the location of your range extender.

6. Change Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable connecting your extender and router shouldn’t have any damage on it. In case you see any cuts on it, then you have two options in hand. First, use a tape to cover the cuts. Second, step out of your house and your comfort zone to bring a new Ethernet cable home.

Once you have brought a new cable, connect its one end to the extender and another to the router. Make sure that the connection being made is finger-tight.

After you have followed this hack, see if the issue has bid farewell to you or not. If not, continue reading this guide.

7. Keep WiFi Devices Closer

Remember, during the Rockspace WiFi extender setup process, we asked you to place your extender near the router? Well, it looks like you did not abide by that. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have become a victim of the re.rockspace.local not working issue.

Therefore, rectify your mistake by pulling both devices closer. Make sure that they are placed at a safe distance. By safe, we mean, that your devices should be placed neither too close nor too far from each other.

8. Restart the Extender

You can also try to restart your Rockspace WiFi range extender. Go through the below-mentioned instructions to know the reboot or restart process:

  • Press the power button on the extender to turn it off.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Now, turn on the extender once again.

Despite following all these hacks, are you still stuck with the issue? By any chance, the answer is yes, perform factory default reset.

9. Reset Rockspace Extender

The following step-by-step guidelines will teach you how to restore your Rockspace WiFi extender to its default factory mode:

  • Locate the Reset button on your extender while the extender is powered up.
  • Press the button whenever you find it using a paper clip.
  • Wait for some time.

The Rockspace WiFi extender reset process has come to an end this way. Now, perform the setup process from scratch. We are sure you already know how to set up Rockspace WiFi extender.

Most Common Rockspace Extender Setup Issues

There are various issues that users face while performing re.rockspace.local setup. Some of them have been listed here:

Rockspace Extender - Most Common Issues
  • Rockspace extender won’t connect
  • Extender not connecting to the router
  • WiFi extender connected but no internet
  • Power LED blinking red
  • Can’t access Rockspace WiFi extender login page
  • WPS button not found
  • Extender not accepting password
  • The extender keeps disconnecting

These issues can be fixed if you consider following the troubleshooting hacks given below.

How to Fix Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup Issues?

1. Check the Power Socket

The most common reason why you are stuck with the extender setup issues is because it is not receiving a proper power supply. If the extender is not booted up properly, you wont be able to connect it its network via Rockspace_ext. Do you know why that might be happening? Well, because the wall socket that you have chosen is damaged. To troubleshoot the issue, one simple thing is required from your end, i.e. plugging your extender into a different wall outlet.

What happened? Do you think that this will consume a lot of time? Well, in that case, get your existing wall outlet repaired.

2. Cross-Check Web Address

Perhaps you did not use the right web address to access the main dashboard of your device which was needed to finish the setup process. Therefore, it is recommended that you put only the correct address to use.

Do not forget to double-check the entrée before hitting the Enter key. This will prevent you from experiencing other extender-related issues in the future.

3. Avoid WiFi Signal Clash

Too much distance separating your Rockspace WiFi extender and the existing router is harmful no doubt. That is why we recommend users keep their devices closer to each other. However, too less distance can also be a cause of a number of technical issues.

Therefore, it is advised that you not place your device neck to neck. Or else, their WiFi signals will clash and cause much bigger issues than the one you are currently facing.

4. Verify the Login Credentials

Have you made the mistake of using the wrong login password and username? Yes? Well, in that case, consider entering the right ones this time. Do not enter the details into each other’s fields. Also, if you want to be sure of the default admin details of your Rockspace WiFi extender, it is recommended that you refer to the Rockspace WiFi extender manual.

5. Check the Cable Connection

Last, but not least, the Ethernet cable that has been used for the connection between your devices, should be properly connected to their ports. Make sure that the connection is finger-tight. Keeping it loose won’t take you anywhere.

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The cable connection between your Rock space extender and the host router is loose. Thus, you need to make the connection finger-tight.

To perform factory reset, you need to log in to your Rock space WiFi extender, go to the Settings menu, locate the Reset button, and then, click on it.

Through the following guidelines, you will be able to change re.rockspace.local password:

  • Visit the Rockspace login page on a browser.
  • Enter the password and username.
  • Hit the Log In button.
  • Click on the Settings menu.
  • Go to the Administration option.
  • Under the Set Password button, you need to enter the new password.
  • You need to enter the same password again for confirmation.
  • Click the Save button.

Coming across Rockspace WiFi extender login issues is quite common. To troubleshoot them, you need to follow some hacks. They are as follows:

  • Your Ethernet connection should be stable.
  • The web address used by you ought to be correct.
  • Only insert the right admin login credentials.
  • Use an updated internet browser.
  • Update the software of your system.
  • Get rid of WiFi interference by relocating your extender.

There can be plenty of reasons behind the Rockspace_ext not showing up on network list issue. But, the topmost one is, you haven't updated the software of your extender. Thus, update the software of your device and see if the issue gets fixed. Read More

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