Default IP | Not Working Default IP Address is the default IP address that allows you to set up Rockspace extender effortlessly. Be that as it may, some of the time, customers face issues while getting to the default IP address and come across any error message saying ‘this site can’t be reached’.

The error message might shift according to the internet browser you are utilizing to get to the IP address. Assuming you are additionally among the people who are battling with the IP not working issue, then, at that point, don’t bother stressing! Here, we have mentioned every one of the tips utilizing which you can access the Rockspace default IP with practically no problem. Read on. Default IP Address

How to Perform Rockspace Extender Login via

Follow the step-by-step instructions beneath to get to the login page of your extender utilizing the Rockspace default IP, i.e.,

  • Connect your extender to the router either wirelessly or utilizing an Ethernet cable.
  • Gain access to your computer and open up an internet browser on it.
  • Once finished, enter the Rockspace default IP in the web address bar.
  • Hit Enter. You will be taken to the to the Rockspace extender login page.
  • In the wake of filling the login credentials in the given fields on this page, hit Sign In.

Congrats! You are totally finished with the Rockspace WiFi extender login process via In case, you get stuck at any point while doing so, contact our experts.

Can’t Perform Rockspace Extender Login via

1. Restart the Rockspace Extender

Minor technical glitches are a potential reason for the Rockspace extender IP address not working issue. It is important to restart your extender to dispose of these errors. To restart your Rockspace WiFi range extender, follow these guidelines:

  • Switch off the Rockspace extender.
  • Kindly hang on briefly.
  • At the point when the clock goes off, reconnect the extender to the wall socket.
  • To turn the device on, press the Power button. Default IP Address

Assuming you are as yet having inconvenience due to the Rockspace extender IP not working issue even subsequent to rebooting your device, reach out to our specialized experts. They are most likely help you.

2. Verify the Ethernet Connection

If you’ve utilized an Ethernet cable to connect the Rockspace wireless range extender and the host router, check in the event that it’s in working condition or not. On the off chance it is not, bringing a new cable home should be done right away.

In situation 2, on the off chance that you have connected your devices utilizing a wireless method, you ought to position your extender and router in nearness to each other.

3. Eliminate WiFi Interference

Assuming you’re actually experiencing difficulty with your Rockspace WiFi range extender, have a go at moving it and ensuring it isn’t close to any metal counting mirrors, clothes washers, fish tanks, child screens, treadmills, televisions, fridges, microwaves, corners, aluminum studs, and thick substantial walls.

4. Use the Correct IP Address

Perhaps, you did not use the correct IP address or used the correct one incorrectly. Whatever the cast might be, you should type the IP address again. This time, make sure that there are no typing errors in it. Also, verify the entrée once before pressing the Enter key. Who knows, entering the correct IP address was all that was required to troubleshoot the IP address not working issue?

5. Pull the WiFi Devices Closer

Another godforsaken justification for why the Rockspace extender IP address not working issue continues to trouble you is because your devices are set complete opposites. To investigate the issue, how about you take our recommendation? How about you bring your devices closer?

On the off chance that you have taken our recommendation and done the needful, additionally do another thing. Guarantee that your devices are not kept neck to neck. Their signals could clash in the case.

6. Check the Power Supply

Indeed, we realize that an inappropriate power supply is an exceptionally far off reason with regards to the Rockspace extender IP not working issue. Notwithstanding, why fail to remember that it is as yet a reason?

Check assuming the wall socket you are right now utilizing is harmed from some place. On the off chance that it is, either fix it or fitting your Rockspace extender into an alternate one.

Still Can’t Access

Indeed, the issue appears to be serious. To fix the Rockspace extender not working issue, reset your device. For reset, all you really want to do is:

  • Plug in your extender and power it up.
  • Find the Reset button on it.
  • Gain admittance to a pin-like object.
  • Press and hold the Reset button utilizing the pin.

That is all there is to it! Your extender resets!

Presently, reconfigure your extender via the IP address and check in the event that the issue is resolved or not.

In the event that the issue persists, we’re 24×7 accessible to help you! Simply reach out to our technical experts to assist you with fixing the not working issue.

We’ve on-board group of exceptionally talented experts who are adequately capable to manage any issues connected with Rockspace WiFi extenders. Thus, take it easy; permit us to do all the difficult work for you!

Why Should You Contact Our Experts?

It’s exceptionally simple to introduce a Rockspace WiFi extender, yet different clients all over the planet go over a great deal of issues like hindered web network, unfit to update the firmware, firewall settings issues, extender design issues, not working, and so forth. That is where our specialists enter. Regardless of what model of your WiFi extender and issue you face with it, we have you covered.

Plus, you do not have to worry about the time at which you should contact our technical experts as you will always find them available to assist you.

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