Rockspace RSD0608 Setup

Widen the existing WiFi range without having to compromise on the internet speeds by getting Rockspace RSD0608 setup done at your home. After the setup is done, you can enjoy a fast speed and an uninterrupted internet connection throughout the home. If you wish to know more about the setup process, then know that, on this page, you will get a deep insight not just into it but you will also get to know more about your extender. Thus, keep reading.

How to Set Up Rockspace RSD0608 WiFi Extender?

Through Web Browser

You can access the Rockspace extender login page using the web address or IP address on a web browser to complete the setup. Here are the instructions to complete Rockspace RSD0608 setup via the manual method:

  • Unbox the Rockspace RSD0608 extender and bring it to the same room where the host router is plugged in.
  • Finding an available wall outlet, plug in the extender’s power adapter to supply power to it.
  • The power light available on the RSD0608 should turn solid.
  • Grabbing an Ethernet cable now, make secure connectivity between the extender and the router.
  • Take hold of your PC(computer or laptop) and turn it on.
  • Access the home network on it.
  • Load an internet browser on the PC and visit the default IP address of the Rockspace RSD0608 wireless range extender.
  • Perform the login process by following the instructions as they appear on the screen.
Rockspace RSD0608 Setup
  • The moment you log in, you will be accessing the Rockspace RSD0608 setup wizard.
  • On this wizard, you will find some instructions which you need to execute in the same manner as you are asked to.
  • Once you are done following all the instructions, Rockspace RSD0608 setup will be completed.

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Through WPS Button

In case you are unable to get the setup done using the previously discussed method, then there is one more option for you. It is by using the WPS button on the devices. Since we mentioned devices, it is necessary that the Rockspace RSD0608 as well as host router should have the WPS button on them.
Here are the steps for the same:

  • Both devices (extender & router) should be placed in the same room.
  • Connect them to respective power sockets and power them up.
  • Once the LEDs on them are solid, you can proceed to the next step.
  • Locate and push the WPS button on the extender first and then do the same with the router.
  • The Rockspace RSD0608 setup via the WPS button is done successfully.

Rockspace RSD0608 WiFi Extender FAQs

1. Rockspace RSD0608 Setup Done! What’s Next?

After the setup process is accomplished, you need to do two things.

  • Relocate RSD0608
  • Update its firmware

2. What are the things that need to be considered for Rockspace RSD0608 placement?

While you are relocating the Rockspace extender after the setup, keep in mind these things:

  • Ensure to keep it in the central location in the home.
  • Place it somewhere in between the router and the area where you want the signal to be extended. Plug it there and see if it works fine. If there is an issue with the WiFi signals, then move it closer to the router.
  • RSD0608 must be placed within the range of the host router.
  • Place it in an open area with no other networking devices, home appliances etc. around it.
  • Avoid placing it in a congested area, behind other objects or furniture in the home.
  • Choose a higher shelf for it.

3. How to update firmware on RSD0608 extender?

Firmware on the Rockspace RSD0608 should always be updated. You can easily update it by accessing the Rockspace extender login page via re.rockspace.local or default IP address, i.e.

4. How to perform Rockspace RSD0608 reset?

You may need to reset your extender if you are not happy with the current settings. Even if you forgot the Rockspace RSD0608 login password or the performance of the extender is very poor, you may reset it by pressing the Reset button located on it while it is powered up.

This is all about the Rockspace RSD0608 setup, firmware update, login and reset process. If you need more info about this gadget, reach out to our experts.

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